Sap abap dispatcher port

Configuring the web dispatcher for multiple systems. Configuring the sap dispatchgateway service ibm knowledge. Sap administration as java supinfo, ecole superieure d. Configuring sap web dispatcher to support ssl sap web dispatcher sap library. Because all abap urls start with sap or nwbc, all abap related requests will be sent to the aba system. If the accessed url does not start with either criteria defined for the aba system sap or nwbc, the web dispatcher will send the request to the jav system irjportal, for example.

How to setup the sap web dispatcher with ssl termination. Information on developing and enhancing applications using java, abap, and. The following services are also configured with it. Relevant only for systems that have been installed prior to sap netweaver 7. You can use the sap web dispatcher in in pure abap systems as well as in combined. Only one sap web dispatcher has to be configured and maintained. Since port 80 under unix can only be bound by the user root, the external binding program is activated. Configuration of the web dispatcher server port sap help portal. On the sap central services scs and ascs instance the default instance is 01 making the default port 501. On the unix platform, the file is in the etcservices directory.

On each sap server that you will connect to with direct link, you need to open the following tcpip ports for inbound and outbound communication. Simple mail transfer protocol sap netweaver application server for abap only. Erp is an abaponly system, ce1 a javaonly system with usage type ep sap netweaver portal. Application server abap, sap dispatcher, sapdp, 3200, 32003299. Product name, port name, service in etcservices, default, range, rule, external. The sap icm server port or sap web dispatcher server port are configured with profile. You can use this parameter to specify the service or port that is to be used for. Sap web dispatcher can be put in front of one or mulitple backend systems. Sap dispatcher, for windows and java calls same as the sap gui application.

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