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Compare the best free open source documentation software at sourceforge. Guide to routing for the public sector this document is a guide to the. Home downloads documentation education for developers knowledge base support. Mapinfo stratus pitney bowes web mapping portal for creating and. This site provides product support for pitney bowes software products.

This is the document is a guide to the basics of route analysis for public. This site will continue to provide product support for mapinfo, group 1 software and pitney bowes software products. Mapinfo pro allows users to visualize, analyze, edit, interpret, understand and output data to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. Free, secure and fast documentation software downloads from the largest open source applications and software directory. Mapinfo stratus video tutorials pitney bowes software support. The new hidden state for a window allows you to very quickly control the visibility of any tool or document window making it appear as though. Mapinfo stratus is a webbased mapping application that provides current. Mapinfo pro is a desktop geographic information system gis software product produced by.

Stratadoc windows version provides documentation for stratus systems running microsoft windows. Network analyst is an extension to esris arcgis desktop software and can be used to solve. Pitney bowes, thecorporate logo, mapinfo, group 1 software, and mapinfo. Stratadoc linux version provides documentation for stratus systems running the linux operating system. The mapinfo stratus administration console is a web application that allows administrators to manage which maps and data are available in mapinfo stratus application for use. No part of this document may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, without the written permission of pitney bowes software inc. To download the map uploader tool, click on the documentation landing page url provided in the welcome email. Stratadoc online documentation service for stratus products. A multifaceted tool pitney bowes ssa overview april, 2015 5. Spectrum spatial is the location intelligence solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility you need to overcome key business challenges. Acquire, serve and grow pitney bowes software pitney.

Mapinfo pro from pitney bowes is the worlds premier desktop gis geographic information system and gis mapping application. Mapinfo pro from pitney bowes is the worlds premier desktop gis. Installing fdo driver silently by script with mapinfo pro missing labels support for finnish. Pitney bowes software sets out the data mustdos for the retail industry 2 july easier than ever to manage spatial data with mapinfo professional 11. These documents describe how to install, configure, and administer stratus systems and how to install and use stratus software and thirdparty applications.

Administrators can control a wide range of options including setting permissions on what data and end user functions are available to users. The stratus map uploader tool is used to upload maps and tables from mapinfo professional to stratus. Mapinfo pro allows users to explore spatial data within a dataset, symbolize features, and create maps. Get the latest support product documentation for mapinfo pro. The saasbased format effectively manages software updates, significantly. The primary enhancements included a new table manager window, a built in ability to publish to mapinfo stratus, ability to ingest. Acquire, serve and grow pitney bowes software support.

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